Limited Edition Set of 2 8in x 8in Framed Manifestos for Black Women

Limited Edition Set of 2 8in x 8in Framed Manifestos for Black Women

Life is full of pain. When doubt and self-limiting beliefs start to creep into your mind, where do you look to remind yourself of the life that you DESERVE to live?

As a Black woman, you have so much working against you daily that you NEED to keep your subconscious mind in check. 

Why It Works

This set of manifestos works because they are public declarations of the life that every Black woman DESERVES to live. And not only are they uplifting and inspiring — they promote sisterhood and commitment to self. 

To create the life you DESIRE the most, you need to will it into existence and train your subconscious mind to believe that the life you want is POSSIBLE.

These manifestos are more than just words; we used principles of design psychology PROVEN to enhance your outlook on life, to design a set of manifestos just for YOU.

As you read them throughout the day, your subconscious mind will be rewired to keep you FOCUSED on bringing these intentions to life. 

Why buy The Essential Manifestos Duo?

 Instant Access to 5 FREE Life-Changing Digital Bonuses: including a therapist-approved guide on how to use our products to defeat self-limiting beliefs and a daily planner for self-prioritization.

 Ready-to-Decorate and Retrain Your Subconscious Mind right out of the box! Our products are fuss-free for a luxury, high-quality experience that you DESERVE.

 Join a Movement of Thousands of Black Women who understand that self-improvement starts at home

✓ Improve Your Outlook on Life in 90 Days, or your money-back guaranteed. 

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