Discover the 22 Best Black-Owned Home Decor Brands to Transform Your Space

Finding ways to create a distinctive style for your home can be challenging in a world where mainstream trends often overshadow individuality.

Supporting Black-owned home decor brands is one way to infuse uniqueness and cultural richness into your living space.

By choosing these brands, you get access to unique and stylish decor options and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Black community.

In this article, we have compiled a master listicle of Black-owned home decor brands to help you transform your space into a personalized work of art.

1. Tal and Bert:

Tal & Bert specializes in concrete geode planters that add an exciting layer of fun to your plants. Their stunning planters bring vibrance and freshness to any room.

2. Kindred Essence:

Kindred Essence offers beautifully scented candles in eye-catching jars. These candles provide a delightful fragrance and serve as decorative pieces for your home.

3. Nom:

Nom showcases the weaving and macrame talents of its creator. Their unique wall hangings add a cozy and chic style to your living space, reflecting their background in the fashion industry.

4. The Heart Department Co.:

The Heart Department Co. creates incredible wooden carvings that add intrigue and a touch of nature to any room. Their carvings double as vases and are sure to spark daydreams about the tiny, wooden villages they represent.

5. Bespoke Binny:

Bespoke Binny is known for its vibrant and African-inspired handmade homeware. Their colorful fabrics and wax prints bring a lively and unique touch to lampshades, throw pillows, blankets, and aprons.

6. MadeByRheal:

MadeByRheal offers an array of artistic pieces made from long-lasting materials such as concrete and resin. Their creative designs serve as decorative and practical storage solutions.

7. Sweet Home Alberti:

Sweet Home Alberti offers macrame plant hangers, coasters, and even jewelry. Casey Alberti's creations add much-needed color and texture to any room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

8. BLK MKT Vintage:

BLK MKT Vintage specializes in curated vintage items celebrating Black history and culture. Their homeware collection includes throw pillows, blankets, and kitchenware, adding a touch of nostalgia and heritage to your home

9. The Folklore Marketplace:

The Folklore Marketplace is a luxury concept store offering fashion, accessories, and homeware items from Africa and the diaspora. Their homeware collection features handcrafted ceramics, woven baskets, and home fragrances that reflect unique designs and ethical sourcing practices.

10. Goodee:

Goodee is a sustainable homeware brand focusing on ethical sourcing and partnerships with artisan communities worldwide. Their curated collection includes home decor, furniture, and kitchenware, offering a stunning catalog of environmentally friendly products.

11. Tackussanu Senegal:

Tackussanu Senegal showcases home decor items made from natural and sustainable materials. Their handwoven baskets, handcrafted pottery, and unique wall art bring warmth and texture to any living space.

12. Aphrochic:

Aphrochic celebrates the creative diversity of the African diaspora through stylish and innovative home decor items. Their collection features wallpapers, light fixtures, sculptures, bedding, and pillows that represent the accomplishments of the African diaspora.

13. Karen Jai Home:

Karen Jai Home offers unique and colorful home decor, including patterned throw pillows, stylish furniture, and bold wall art. Their Douala wall art set is a standout product that adds regal and captivating features to any room.

14. BLK MKT Vintage (Physical Store):

Besides its online presence, BLK MKT Vintage has a physical store specializing in curated vintage finds, artifacts, and collectibles. They offer a unique and soulful collection of home decor items, adding depth and history to any space.

15. The Tiny Tassel:

The Tiny Tassel provides bright colors and playful home decor options, including sugar plum glasses, scented candles, and fanciful wall art. Their Gold Faux Bamboo Frame is a regal centerpiece for any empty wall.

16. Rayo & Honey:

Rayo & Honey offers handcrafted home decor items like wall art, coasters, and trays. Their collection features good reminders and great sayings, often with pop culture references, adding meaning and variety to any space.

17. Port-Man-Teau:

Port-Man-Teau in Long Island City is a sought-after location for statement pieces. Their unique collection includes vintage and mid-century furniture and diverse and extraordinary decorative finds.

18. Pop Up Home:

Pop Up Home in Los Angeles is an active design center offering a wide range of homewares, including ashtrays, planters, baskets, and unique decorative objects. Their collection has pieces like the Zodiac Sundial and Giant Walnut Ruler.

19. TRNK:

TRNK is a design studio, curatorial platform, and lower Manhattan retailer offering fashionable and contemporary furniture. Their diverse selection includes sculptural lamps, 60s-inspired couches and chairs, and stunning stone tables.

20. The Black Home:

The Black Home in Newark, New Jersey, and Brooklyn, NY, offers a luxury collection of designer drink glasses, decorative candles, and luxe kitchen sets. Their products provide a touch of elegance and beauty to elevate your living space.

21. Yowie:

Yowie is known for its loud, colorful, and eclectic housewares collection. From confetti-like cutting boards to wavy rugs and captivating wall hooks, Yowie offers a range of unique and vibrant decor pieces.

22. Cecilia's House:

Cecilia's House offers an affordable range of high-quality home decor designed for Black women. Their mindfully crafted prints help program the mind for success, self-care, and self-love, inspiring and empowering the modern black woman.

By supporting Black-owned home decor brands, you not only bring style and personality to your living space but also contribute to the economic empowerment of the Black community.

From vibrant textiles to unique sculptures and meaningful wall art, these brands offer diverse options to transform your home into a personalized oasis. Let your home reflect your values and culture while supporting these talented Black entrepreneurs.

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