My grandmother’s house was where I first learned how it felt to be empowered.

How to overcome self-limiting beliefs.

How to dream big and be bold enough to pursue them well into manifestation.

How to make time for me, even after showing up for everyone else.

And it was in that same house where I fell in love with Black art and home décor.

Welcome to Cecilia’s House, where empowering Black women is not just a mission, but a passion that drives everything we do.

We understand that life for these remarkable women can be a constant juggle – as passionate friends, sisters, daughters, and partners, they often find it challenging to prioritize themselves.

That’s where we step in.

We go beyond the superficial to resonate with the experiences of Black women. Just like my grandmother taught me.

So, here’s to designing a future that will leave a lasting legacy – because if you can envision it, it is possible, and your grandmother prayed for it.

Welcome to Cecilia’s House, where we design not just for the present, but for the empowered woman you aspire to become.


Cecilia's House Interview on Black Enterprise's Sisters Inc.

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