The hidden psychology behind Affirmations, Vision Boards, and Manifestos

Have you ever scrolled past an aspirational Black woman on Pinterest or Instagram, saved her picture, and even put it on a vision board? Girl, we've all been there. It's called manifesting, which can be done using affirmations, vision boards, or manifestos. Here is the secret psychology behind why these forms of manifestation work (and how you can become that woman on your screensaver).

The hidden psychology behind Affirmations, Vision Boards, and Manifestos - Cecilia's House


Affirmations are the most commonly used technique for creating new inner dialogue and changing habitual patterns. They're positive statements about your life or things you want to experience in the future. For example, an affirmation might be: "I am happy" or "I have amazing friends." The idea is that if you say something enough times, it will become true for you.

Affirmations can help create a vision for your future; they can be used as tools to strengthen self-confidence, lead to changes in behavior and increase your chances of achieving your goals. Affirmations can be a visual or auditory manifestation, depending on your preference.

Vision Boards

A vision board is a tool that combines your desires with images that reflect those desires. It’s also called a “manifestation board” or “affirmational wall,” but all these things are just different names for the same thing: a visual representation of what you want. The most common type of vision board is a collage of images on a poster board, or corkboard hung on the wall, but you can also make one digitally using Canva. Or, if you feel uninspired, you can purchase a pre-made vision board that aligns with your goals. No matter how you choose to visualize your wants, vision boards work best when placed somewhere you can interact with them daily.


Manifestos define your purpose and goals in a succinct, vivid way. They can also be used to set boundaries and expectations and create a vision for yourself. A manifesto is an important tool for setting up boundaries in your life. It's like saying, "this is what I expect from my relationships," or "I will never do X again."

What’s important to remember is that these exercises work differently for different people. You might find that affirmations are more effective than vision boards, or vice versa. Or maybe you need both! There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here; what matters most is that you find what works for you and keeps you motivated throughout the process of achieving your goals (and even beyond). No matter what method works best for you—even if it means using all three methods at once—remember that they all have something unique to offer when it comes down to achieving our goals by putting them into action.

If you don't know where to start with your affirmations, struggle to create your vision board because you can’t visualize your full potential or have no clue what to put into a Manifesto. Start with the Black Girl Affirmations, Vision Board, or Manifestos for Black Women collections at Cecilia's House.  Remember, how we show up in our lives is directly affected by our homes. We can design our lives by designing our homes. 

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