5 Ways Vision Boards Can Help Black Women Succeed in Life

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As Black women, we know that the world is not always full of rainbows and sunshine. It can be challenging to even dream about what we want because we are so focused on surviving. This is why Black women need visual cues in our homes that will remind our subconscious mind of who we are and allow us to actualize our full potential daily.

If you want to see a different perspective on life and crawl out of negativity and self-doubt to get out of your way, you need to start with a vision board. Here are five ways vision boards can help Black women succeed in life:

1. Vision boards are a map of the road from your current reality to your full potential. 

Vision boards are a practical tool that helps you stay motivated and focused on your goals, enabling you to achieve them. While a vision board is a visual representation of your dreams, they also help us stay motivated when life throws us curveballs. Seeing our goals charted on a vision board reminds us of what we want in life (and why), keeping us focused on why we set out to achieve our intentions.

If you’re seeking to create your vision board, the first step is to get clear on your goals. Ask yourself – Who is the woman that I am becoming? What does she value? What are her achievements? Then, design a vision board that reflects the answers to these questions.

2. When used daily, vision boards create space for your mindset to shift.

Sometimes, when we have vision boards, we put them off to the side or fail to remember to hang them up. However, a vision board can only truly work if placed somewhere you can read it daily. When you look at your vision board (visual), read the affirmations (auditory), and repeat this daily (habit), you tap into your subconscious. Using a vision board intentionally creates space for opportunities to flourish, beginning with your mind. 

If you have a vision board that has yet to be hung, start by placing it next to your mirror so you can see it daily. Engaging in the three-step system of visualizing your goals, making them audible, and incorporating them into your daily habits is easiest if you have your vision board somewhere that you can see it.

3. Vision boards tap into your subconscious mind. 

Your subconscious is the deepest level of thinking and where we store a lot of past hurt and pain. Visualizing a better future and telling yourself a different outcome helps you to begin rewiring your subconscious mind to think more positively. Once positive thinking begins, your actions follow suit because you have started committing to a different mindset.

When creating a vision board, ask yourself – What is the mindset I want to cultivate? What thoughts do I want to have? What colors and visual reminders will help me to shift my thinking?

4. Vision Boards are the foundation for changing your life.

Vision Boards are not only a symbol of what you intend to achieve. Vision boards are the foundation for transforming your current life into the life you want. Seeing a visual reminder of the woman you are becoming reminds you to take small steps toward actualizing your full potential daily.

However, to see the woman you are becoming, you need to become well acquainted with the woman you are now. By knowing yourself, you can fully visualize who you are becoming and create a vision board that aligns with that woman.

5. Vision Boards are a safe space to dream.

Sometimes the reality of life makes it difficult for us to see past what is happening right now. Think of vision boards as a safe space for yourself where you can dream big and allow yourself to envision what your life looks like when all of your goals become a reality.

Vision boards help you focus on the process rather than the outcome, which can significantly benefit you if you are in a place in your life where it's hard to see the next chapter. 

If you struggle to create your vision board because you can’t visualize your full potential, don’t have the time, or feel creative, our timeless vision boards might be right for you. Start with The Vision Board Collection at Cecilia’s House  – a curated set of vision boards designed to authentically reflect Black women’s goals and enhance your outlook on life. Remember, how we show up in our lives is directly affected by our homes. We can design our lives by designing our homes. 

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    I came across your website and I am glad I did!! I googled black women vision board. I really want/need this right now and I’m ready to begin my own vision board.

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